Friday, July 18, 2008

You Know This Means War

For three or four glorious days it looked like my handiwork was keeping the crappy kitties away. Today the joker of the group decided it would be funny to poop directly onto one of my bamboo stakes. I may be perplexed as to how he managed it, but I am certainly far from amused. Very, very far from it. Immediate action: augment with toothpicks; next step: make a solution of chili powder, cayenne pepper, and water to douse the area. I am also thinking of installing some lovely low-growing needled evergreens. They are much pokier than tiny wooden spears that are used to pick up party wieners and cubes of cheese.


Husband said...

We could hire a Pinkerton detective to sit in a parked sedan across the street and report in every half hour.

fawndear said...

You could always borrow someone's dog and stake it out near the offending scene but then you'd be picking up dog-do and it's much nastier than kitty litter.
Oh I know, set up the sprinklers next to the flower bed and spend the afternoon outside. Next time they come over, let 'em have it.
Good luck!
I have the same problem with my neighbors 4 cats.