Thursday, July 10, 2008

These Spaghettios Smell Sooo Gooood

The kids and I were eating lunch and I heard a strange snarffling noise coming from the direction of my son’s chair. He is still fighting with some nasal congestion, so I thought he was just trying to inhale some of his boogies back into his brain. I turned in his direction to ask if he needed a tissue and admonish him once again that the proper direction for boogers to go is out (into a tissue) and not into his ear canal. One would think that I would have learned long ago that assuming anything, especially when it comes to toddlers, is a huge mistake. The little man had his spoon, loaded with Spaghettios, up to his nose and was endeavoring to suck them into his nasal passages using nothing but the brute force of his powers of inhalation. Somehow, I think that squishy processed pasta would be worse for the inner working of a person’s olfactory system than slimy germy bacteria.

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