Monday, July 7, 2008

We're Under Attack by the Boogie Monster

We’re all sick. Again. There has been a lot of illness this year, and I really don’t get it. The kids aren’t in daycare, and the only interactions they have with other nose-picking, finger-licking kids are the occasional visit to the park and their almost-weekly romp in the nursery at church.

At this point I’m extremely thankful that it is only a moderate cold. However, I am a little concerned about the yellowish snot that I’ve been sucking out of the baby’s nose with the aspirator. There are few things more pathetic than holding down a screaming, flailing child in order to extract disease and pestilence out of their nose. I’m having flashbacks about the ear infections that plagued the entire family during the month of February.

It is July, though, and I am of the mind that children should be laying on the couch exhausted from running around the yard and playing in the sandbox for hours, not because some horrible germs are scurrying about their nasal passages and having races up and down their esophagus.

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fawndear said...

Oh - So Not Fun! Hope it passes quickly. And I'm even sadder about your camera. Hope that get's sorted out soon as well. Hang in there.