Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Paintbrush+Power Drill=Baseball

It may be because my body is getting older, it may be because I don’t exercise enough, but after spending a few hours over the last couple of days painting the floor of the porch my body is feeling it. Not in the "I can’t move my legs and I’m going to be paralized for the rest of my life" kind of way, more in a "please don’t make me climb the stairs again" fearful sort of manner.

I finally purchased curtains for the bathroom. The blinds just weren’t cutting it for me anymore. So, I busted out the power tools to install the window hardware. I was feeling pretty manly until I had to drop my arms to pick up the phone. Then I just felt like a bowl of Jell-O; my arms were so wobbly that it took me a while to regain enough control over them to press the call button on the phone. But the curtain looks great! It is amazing what a piece of fabric hung over a window can do to make a room seem more homey and less gross.

The feelings of manliness must have gone to my head when I had the drill in my hands because while the baby was napping my son and I played baseball in the living room. With a foam bat and ball, granted, but I generally discourage this type of play in the house. We were both very careful and nothing was broken, which was good; I can just see myself trying to explain a smashed light fixture to my husband who is constantly told that outside toys don’t belong inside. I’ll have to do a lot of sewing and toilet scrubbing tomorrow to set my equilibrium to rights and regain my femininity.

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Husband said...

Uh-huh, that's right, when the husband's away the mommy will play, is that it? And don't touch my power tools!