Friday, January 25, 2008

I Heart Diapers

It seems as though I had spoken too soon. Shortly after writing that last update there was a rather large accident that required the bed to be stripped and the sheets and mattress cover to be laundered. As it could have been much worse and it was easily remedied I tried very hard to be kind and patient (after the initial reaction, that is).

While the bedding was happily whirling around in the washer my little boy made another trip to his potty. On my way to dispose of it in the big toilet one of the cats decided to yak at my feet. I’m unclear as to why he decided this would be a good idea; perhaps he is under the delusion that I actually thrive on cleaning up other people’s messes. Who knows. At any rate, I grabbed a paper towel with my spare hand and wiped up the floor before continuing on my way.

Not to be forgotten, our other cat decided that it would be an opportune time to announce that he had snuck into the basement behind me while I was delivering the bedding to the clothes washer and was now locked in. That meant that his paws needed to be washed. Splendid.

The poor baby cried during all of this wiping, cleaning and flushing because she was hungry. Unfortunately for her peeing children tend to come before hungry ones. Just as I settled down to nurse her and quell her little tummy the washer started to bang around in the basement. (When the contents of the wash become clumped on one side of the washing basket the agitator can become dislodged and try to bust its way out of the machine.) I quickly discovered that although our agitator was still in place that won’t stop the whole basket from trying to break through the front, back and sides of the washer.

If the baby hadn’t been still crying for food upstairs I probably would have sat in the basement and laughed at the washing machine jumping up off of the floor and slamming into the wall behind it. Of course it’s really not funny to watch your expensive appliances try to destroy themselves, but one can sympathize.

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