Friday, January 4, 2008

A Husband's Guide to Making Laundry Even More Fun

The proper laundry-prep for clothing is as follows:

1. Do NOT actually place the dirty article into the hamper. Instead, put it on the floor directly in front of, or next to, the hamper.

2. All socks must be inside out and rolled up into a ball.

3. Work shirts with nametags should be turned inside out so that the person doing the laundry forgets to remove the pin and puts it through the wash cycle. Clean pins are nice and shiny.

4. Non-work t-shirts must be kept right side out so that the laundress has to turn them to avoid excessive fading.

5. Pants must all enter the queue with one leg tucked in and the other left out.

6. Do not empty pockets.

7. Above all, do not attempt to remove any stains, but instead allow them to marinade during the week prior to laundering. They set better that way.

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