Friday, September 26, 2008

The Power of "Uh-Oh"

Learning new words and phrases is fun. Especially when you get to facilitate saying them by performing some sort of function. “Uh-oh,” is especially enjoyable. It means that you can throw food on the floor, configure your face into a look of innocence and eradicate your guilt by saying “uh-oh.” Just think of all the possibilities that open up to the person who can say, “Uh-oh” and bat their eyelashes at the same time.


fawndear said...

My kid's an expert on the Power of Uh-Oh. In fact I had to get her a shirt that states.
'If you hear 'Uh-Oh' then it's probably too late.
You never know. Every now and then they might say 'Uh-Oh' before the crime is committed. Then if your fast enough... well it's your lucky day. said...

Aside from the famous book you'll be publishing soon, you could probably come up with a Dictionary of Children's Vocabulary!