Friday, May 30, 2008

The Lurking Question

My son has picked up the phrase, “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” I don’t know where. The way he says it the words sound a little bit more like, “Heeeyyy, buuuuddeee, what’s up?” And his voice undulates up and down, especially around the “u” sounds.

He’s nosy and likes to stare out the window when the neighbor is outside talking, or when he hears the neighbor’s door open or close. Since the windows are still mostly closed the neighbor unwittingly ignores his repeated question.

The boy stands there and says, “Hey, buddy, what’s up” into the window-glass at the guy walking his daughter home from school.

The big chocolaty pit bull that lives up the street gets this same salutation.

We went to the mall and the mannequin in the women’s department wearing khaki shorts, a black top and a pair of sunglasses was also hailed and it was inquired of her what was up.

Infants, toddlers, and older kids alike merit the same greeting.

No one is exempt.

Only, the poor kid has yet to get an answer to his query. So the next time a peculiar little boy with a winning grin and smiling eyes looks up at you and asks, “Hey, buddy, what’s up?” be kind to the poor soul and answer him!

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