Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Duct Tape: It Holds the House Together

I feel that all of the years I spent watching MacGyver should have better prepared me for fixing things like a busted vacuum. When my son was little he would follow me around while I vacuumed and open and close the door to the back compartment. That only held up for so long. I don't even remember why at this point, but somewhere along the line we thought that the hose needed a little duct tape remedy. When we moved last year the carpet head was dropped and cracked badly. For the last fifteen months the first application of duct tape seemed to be doing the job, but unbeknownst to us the crack was silently getting larger and larger until last week, when it finally worked its way around the entire tube. The taping repair job I did at that point just didn’t hold up, so I pushed back my sleeves, grabbed the tape and a pair of scissors and went at it today with surgical precision. I hope it works this time: that tape is holding together more than just the vacuum.

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Granddad said...

I'm a duct tape ball, in a duct tape universe!!!!