Sunday, May 18, 2008

He Fought The Porch And The Porch Lost

After multiple trips to the hardware store and a good amount of finagling, my husband has managed to get the porch railings up. I’m very proud of how he engineered the whole project, although it may have been wiser to spend twice the amount of money and get really pretty, and somewhat sturdier, rails instead. It is such a temptation for people on a tight budget like us to go for the less expensive products; but a person wonders if it would have been relatively easy to justify a bit of splurging.

I suppose I’ll just have to be happy if my son doesn’t rip them down or crack them with a baseball bat. Not that he has a baseball bat. I don’t think I’m ready for that caliber of destruction yet. It’s just that while actually in the store, with all of those costly price tags staring you in the pocket book, it isn’t always easy to tell Common-Sense to leave you alone.

At any rate, my big strong man did a marvelous job. The cuts are nice and straight and he didn’t make any mistakes. Even though the porch slants at an impossible angle the front railing looks almost level. Once the porch is painted to match it’ll look swell. Given our track record, the actual painting might happen two or three months from now.

After all of the work on the railing, the husband even managed to replace the front door knob as well. The knob hasn’t worked for about a year now, but it fell off completely yesterday. Not so good. At least it’s fixed now and Nana can sleep soundly and not have to worry about a burglar busting in during the night.


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Auntie Smish said...

Kudos for Sean! It looks beautiful!

love laughter peace said...

He did a great job, I'm def entering a new phase in my life that home improvement projects and budgets ring so true!! The porch looks so nice with the new rails! We have to get together, I know you gave me some dates, but it's been a little crazy here lately, when are you free coming up?