Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Substance Reconnaissance

A crawling baby’s radar for certain things- like cat vomit- is superior to a parent’s. This is probably due to the fact that they are closer to the ground and have the advantage of proper perspective for these sorts of abnormalities of color on the floor. In the hour following our descent to the first floor of the house after awakening this morning, I had to clean cat puke from the floor in three different locations.

Thankfully, it is rare for the cats to regurgitate three times in one day. Much to my dismay the baby did manage to find one of these sites before me. I got to her while she still had the can-I-put-this-in-my-mouth look on her face and was pat-patting the small pile with her little hand.

I turned around from scouring the carpet and I saw that the baby was moving something around in her mouth with her tongue; her jaw shifting from one side to another as her gums relentlessly mashed whatever it was. My fingers fished out a brownish pebble sized mass.

Of course the only to do is to sniff it and hope for the best. I heaved a sigh as the whiff revealed it to be chocolate and not something much more offensive as I had initially feared. My son has a penchant for chocolate and this piece must have gotten away from him yesterday while he savored the treats that his Nana brought. Another day, another disaster averted.

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