Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm In The Market For A Third Eye

My son has taken to having swashbuckling adventures around the house; he wields his made-especially-by-Daddy pirate sword of cardboard and tinfoil as he roams the house in search of unsuspecting teddy bears and swarthy felines to stab or force, at sword point, to walk the plank. The only pirates he has seen in action are The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, courtesy of Big Idea. They don’t do much stabbing, although they do make Jonah walk the plank in Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie. I suppose it’s in a young boy’s nature to understand a sword’s purpose. Since there is no ship in sight he has begun to train the cats in the art of carrying a human from one point to another on their backs. This training has so far been largely unsuccessful, sword or no sword.

While I attempt to keep tabs on these exploits with one eye I am forced to watch my little girl non-stop with the other as she seeks entertainment in another way: climbing. My son was never much of a climber as a baby. My daughter, on the other hand, absolutely refuses to go around an object when she can go over it. As a matter of fact, she hunts for things to climb on or use to pull herself into an upright position. This wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t for her still wobbly legs or her pirate brother who is forever weaving in and out of her path. Every other minute there is a “thud” or a “wump” to investigate. She just can’t be stopped and is forever falling, rolling, or tumbling over something. It would seem that she isn’t the type to let a few boo-boos stop her from getting back up on the horse.

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fawndear said...

I've been a quiet watcher of your blog for a while now and I think you are awesome. Enjoy the swords, capes, and climbing obstacles because kids with imagination are the best. My little boys are now teenagers and script little movies of their sword adventures. Although their swords are lightsabers.
Beware the chandeliers. Are they within reacing distance of tables. My girl would climb up on tables so she could swing from light fixtures. So don't worry about the climbing unless she starts swinging too.
Keep up the great posts.