Monday, February 11, 2008

Sick & Sick Incorporated

Thank heaven my toddler’s temperature has returned to normal. He is still congested beyond allowable snot levels, but what a huge improvement a couple doses of antibiotic can make. He and I are now vying for the most-congested-person-in-the-house award. Unfortunately, my baby has contracted this virus and is congested, running a fever and seems to have a bad headache. It’s so hard with babies because they cannot communicate exactly what is bothering them. When they cry with pain I’m always afraid that something horrible is wrong with them and that I won’t know until it is too late. Isn’t that terrible?

I sat the baby in the tub for the first time last night. She has a lovely mesh bath seat that she sits in when I bathe her, so I thought that it would be fun for both of us if she could splash around in the bath water for a change. Usually her brother is waiting impatiently for his turn, and since the baby still can’t anchor herself well when sitting her bath time tends to be a little abbreviated. It is so neat to watch a baby explore and experience something new. She slapped the water with her open palms and seemed surprised at the resistance they met from the water. The droplets of water that clung to her face displeased her at first, but she was having such a grand time splashing that she stopped minding them. I do believe she could have stayed in until she shriveled up; she cried something fierce when it was time to get out. But because she is such a happy sort of baby, she soon forgot what it was that she was upset about.

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