Friday, June 19, 2009

A Baby by Any Other Name Would Look/Taste/Smell as Sweet

So, here we are with a mere two months to go before this sweet little ninja in my belly makes its arrival. If this hard punching, swift kicking child is female in nature she may not have a name until she is twelve years old. Dear old Dad and dear old Mum just can’t seem to find a one.

In all fairness that may be because my tolerance level for endless name-book perusal is pretty minimal. After about the first two hundred names my eyes start to water and a sensation not unlike vomit-inducing nausea begins to well up in my gut. My husband, on the other hand, can find lots of names he wouldn’t mind slapping on some poor innocent, unsuspecting child. (In other words, I think that some of them are a bit queer).

This is one argument some people would use to encourage certain unwilling parents to find out the gender of their unborn munchkin. I don’t think that would help us much: if it’s a boy then we don’t have to worry about picking a name; if it’s a girl then it doesn’t much change the fact that we still can’t seem to agree on a name. How do people with eight children pick out names? That’s what I’d like to know.

We didn’t have this trouble when it came to naming our cats. It generally takes about one day to name a pet. And ours even have middle names, although those didn’t get tacked on until a bit later, when they started to misbehave. I find it much easier to shout at something with two names.

In my sweet pregnant stupor I really believe this baby will be a boy. There are some things a person just doesn’t mind being wrong about, so if it is a girl I’m just trusting that the right name will come along in time. Besides, I’m already starting to mix up the kids’ names when trying to untangle their little intertwined arms during a brutal tug-of-war with a favorite toy and they’re not even the same gender. In all likelihood the new baby will end up as “hey you!” anyway.


TMCPhoto said...

We had such a short list of names and all of them but one were gender neutral and for some reason all but one were nature names, River, Rowan and Clara were our picks. None of them suited the Peanut, in the end we just had a good look at her and threw out names until one stuck. Apparently this is what my parents did with me and my sister too.

andrea said...

hello! I found you on etsy! I love your felt creations! So cute! I too am a Christian stay at home mommy with a 3, 6 and 7 year old! I have a degree in art and have suddenly felt the need to sit down and try every craft I find intriguing! I have a few things on etsy myself and a blog on blogspot called cardinale chronicles. I am certainly not the writer you are but I feel the need to write none the less! It has been neat to see your creations and read your thoughts!

Rach said...

Hehe! I always say that when/if we have a daughter she will be named the day after she is born- I am just SO indecisive about girls names as well! I don't know why- But I just think that a little girls name lays the foundation for who she is and how she behaves later on in life. No idea why, clearly my logic is flawed. So, I started typing "What name means..." followed by a favorite word and a question mark on google, in the hope of triggering some decisiveness about a little girls name. I have no idea why boys are so much easier!!!