Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Say Hello, Optimus

Getting new underwear is exciting. In recent weeks I've begun to wonder if buying plain old boring white underpants for little people isn't better than the fun Spider-Man and Transformers underwear.

With a certain young man continuing to get bigger around here there arose a need for some larger underpants. When the old ones started to leave nasty looking elastic marks around my son's entire midsection I decided that it had been put off long enough; trying to force your child to stay little and stop growing doesn't work, it just leaves marks. During one of my few and far between trips to Walmart I grabbed a package of cool looking Transformers undies. The little man approved my selection with fervor and asked to wear them every five minutes until I managed to wash them in preparation for his tiny heiney.

Shortly after Optimus Prime made the trek from dryer to top drawer Nana got a surprise unveiling when the child removed his pants in order to show her his new prized possession. Woohoo! Really, that's not so bad and we got a good laugh out of it. I mean, what nana wouldn't want to see Bumblebee plastered across her grandson's rear end?

Last week he picked out Spider-Man underwear at the store. The same excitement went along with this purchase, and there was no peace in this house until Peter Parker and his spidey suit went through a wash and dry cycle. Thankfully no inappropriate strip tease followed the donning of these underpants. We did, however, find ourselves telling the checkout lady at Target all about them yesterday.

She was a sweet soul and seemed just as thrilled about the underwear as my son was. It's been so long since I've had new underwear that when I finally do get some I might feel compelled to tell complete strangers about them too.


TMCPhoto said...

"trying to force your child to stay little and stop growing doesn't work, it just leaves marks."

I love that excerpt so much that I have to ask ermission to use it myself. I'll give full props of course.

Once you do get new underwear make sure you get nice special ones too like strawberry shortcake or my little ponies, it doesn't make sense for the little folk to have all the underwear fun

Faith said...

Seriously. I was never one for white undies myself.

You may use that quote to your heart's delight. I felt that I could have come up with something much more clever... it kind of sounds like emotional marks... which is not what I meant! ;)

fawndear said...

I say you go for the yellow smiley face undies. Just be sure not to wear them with a see-through dress. Then again, that would save you having to bring themselves up in conversation. They'd speak for themselves.
My three year old is so into

Disney Princess and Dora and she to has pulled up her dress to show them off. I've about given up on modesty with her.