Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Vacation is OVER

Last week the husband/daddy was home on vacation. It was nice to have an equal child-parent ratio: they seemed so much easier to manage. We went out frequently, mostly to the hardware store/garden center, but also to the park to play on slides and go for walks on the trail.

During this time I discovered that my previous aversion to gardening was somehow mistaken. For most of the week, I rose earlier than everyone else and enjoyed the birdsong of early morning and the quiet from the city, and worked in the garden, planting my new acquisitions. It was so relaxing and calming that I have decided to continue to rise early and spend sometime out of doors by myself as often as possible.

The week flew by so quickly and we didn’t get as many projects done around the house as we had hoped. We purchased most of the supplies we need, however, and the pile of project paraphernalia awaiting use in the basement is beginning to grow out of control. At any rate, the garden is practically done (for this year anyway), the porch is sanded, the picnic table painted, the gate repair started, and the pavers laid in the front of the house.

Getting back to the grind of everyday life yesterday was a little tough. I’m outnumbered again and the kids really made the most of their numerical strength. It was a day of near breakdowns, a few flip-outs, and general weariness. But I’m sure we’ll all be back in the groove soon enough.

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