Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vacation Highlights

One of the highlights of our vacation time last week had to be our return trip to the zoo for Father’s Day. This time around we went shortly after the zoo opened and we got to see some pretty neat stuff. We saw the three Arctic Wolves up close while one of the keepers tossed in some snack food (small rodents, I think); the three puppies know the sound of the keeper’s keys jingling, so when they heard that they came running!

We also watched as the otters devoured dead baby chicks, feet and all; apparently river otters have some pretty sharp teeth. I thought about taking pictures, but I was fairly confident that not too many people would be interested in witnessing what happens to the leftover Easter chicks. Poor things.

Our son’s favorite animals on this trip were the goats. He had a splendid time brushing them and we had to go back to the pen several times.

The other item of interest to our babies was the purchase of a brand new standing sandbox. We had to search high and low to find one. It would seem that once Memorial Day passes, certain outdoor toys are difficult to locate. The sandbox is lots of fun and makes quite a mess. I love finding sand in my couch.

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