Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And Goodwill Toward Little Boys

It isn’t every day that a nice energetic, grandmotherly sort of lady buys my son a blue parrot at the craft store. As we passed her near the end of an aisle, she greeted my son and he immediately launched into a tribute about a parrot figurine he had seen on our last trip. It would seem that she found him quite charming and the two of them chatted about the wonderful model bird that the little guy remembered.

After a few pleasant minutes we parted company and continued on with our individual shopping activities. A little while later when we passed near the front of the store the same nice lady hailed us from the checkout line to confer upon my little boy the parrot he had so lovingly described to her.

It was such a refreshing and heartening experience; both my son and I were imprinted by the act of kindness. My son was still repeating the words of blessing that I prayed for our friendly stranger as I strapped him into his car seat. Hearing him pray for someone or listening to him loudly sing “Jesus Loves Me” during our errands is so fulfilling.

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fawndear said...

Thank you for sharing this experiance. I've had a few of them myself, and they honestly can make my day or even week.

I keep thinking that I need to make an effort to do some of those nice things for others too. I think that would give me just as big of a lift as being on the receiving end.

Gotta love LarryBoy!