Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Current Top Three Injustices

It has come to my attention that my son gets reprimanded for things that either my husband or I do as well. This hardly seems fair in my estimation and I am currently looking for a way to remedy this situation.

On a daily basis my son is told to stop chewing his fingernails. I do not bother to tell him this, as I quickly realized that he is not even aware that he is doing it in the first place. I feel as though it is a fight not worth picking. However, it drives my husband insane when my son stands around and ruins his appetite by devouring his nails so all night long I hear, get your hands out of your mouth!!! :::Sigh::: Alas, both my husband and myself are guilty of occasional mindless gnawing. At least I don’t have to cut his little fingernails anymore.

My father has always been a boisterous person; so has my husband. I feel as though my little boy comes by his loudness naturally enough. There have been many days where I had to take a deep breath and will my headache to cease and desist. I’m pretty sure that the little man knows what I am asking of him when I ask him to speak more quietly, but I cannot be entirely sure as he has yet to quiet down by request. He generally does not stop the racket at my husband’s demand either. On top of the ruckus my poor sweetie-pie has to endure my sly grins as well because it cracks me up to see one din-maker rebuff the attempts of another at achieving decibels as yet unknown to man. Of course it is harder for me to smile when they are both going at it at the same time. I’m pretty sure that my eyes have bled in the past.

For the day’s last look into the injustice that runs rampant in my home we will explore the Daddy-is-home-so-I-will-smother-him-to-death phenomenon. For a little boy mommy is just not as much fun as daddy. Plain and simple. So when daddy comes home the protégé latches onto daddy and follows him around like a shadow. If the shadow does not have the attention of the great and powerful daddy for a few seconds here and there it tends to whine. A lot. I can understand daddy’s need to have a few minutes without the groping and the clutching. I really can.

Perhaps my husband and my son can attend a twelve step program together to help them better cope with their groping and clutching tendencies. Like father, like son and all of that.

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