Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hello? Is anybody in there?

There are days when I don’t feel like doing anything. There are days when I have too much to do. But mostly there are days when I would be satisfied with just being able to get a couple things done around the house without one million interruptions! It is probably a good thing that I enjoy puzzles. Oh, look! Here is a piece with laundry on it; and here is a piece with dirty dishes on it; another where someone needs to be fed; and another where I need to be fed; and is that a dirty diaper?

I traveled into the depths of the basement today to find that I had never put the load of wash from, like, Tuesday into the dryer. It wasn’t moldy, but it didn’t smell like roses either. I had to go back upstairs to find out why the baby was crying. After settling her down, I rewashed the clean clothes, then colored with my son for a bit, before going back downstairs to put the clothes into the dryer with not one, but three dryer sheets. It didn’t help. They still don’t smell like roses. In between I had to go outside and pick up after the garbage men, yell at the toddler for coloring on the window, change some diapers, do the dishes, give the boy a snack, nurse the baby, clean the bathroom… and then put the said laundry away, of course.

The idea is that once this puzzle is complete it will look like a clean, organized house with happy children. The reality is that is usually looks like Mommy just sat around all day drinking tea while the toddler ran around like a tornado tearing up the house and making a general mess of things. Not only that, but I think that some of my puzzle pieces are bent on the edges because they don’t even fit together properly most of the time.

Having the second child has really threatened my ability to remain sane. I forget everything! I have always believed that leaving oneself notes for future reference is a great tool. But my future for referencing those notes is getting shorter and shorter and shorter… apparently I need to write a note to remind myself to put the laundry in the dryer thirty minutes after I put it in the washer. If it weren’t for my husband running out of clean underwear I probably wouldn’t remember to wash the clothes in the first place!

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