Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Life at Present

No, I did not fall off the face of the earth. Neither was I abducted by aliens. Nor did I have an accident involving angry buffaloes. What I did have was a baby. And she is so sweet and cute that I've been having difficulty finding the time to blog about my life, which right now consists of snuggling this sweet little angel face and taking care of her darling siblings. Perhaps one day I shall have a laptop which would make blogging while snuggling a little bit easier. But, really, who can blame me? Wouldn't you rather squeeze this tiny pumpkin instead of sitting in a hard computer chair tucked away in a corner of your bedroom simply thinking and typing about squeezing her? I knew you would understand!

The PG rated version of my birth story soon to follow!


TMCPhoto said...

she's so beautiful! Congratulations and don't worry about the blogging, we'll be hear waiting when you get time, I'd rather be snugging too

andrea said...

I am sure it is odd to have a "stranger" say "oh my she is so stinkin' cute!!" but we are fellow mommies in Christ and that makes us kindred I think! Don't you? Keep on snuggling!!