Friday, November 28, 2008

Shopping Deals

Happy Black Friday, all! In honor of this day where many, many people brave the mobs and traffic to find a great deal I am offering free domestic shipping to the USA on all orders now through Monday.

To all my blogger friends I would like to extend an extra 10% off now through Monday. To redeem this discount simply type "I love your blog" into the "message to seller" box during checkout. (Isn't that the greatest coupon code ever?!) You will need to wait for me to email you a revised invoice in order to receive this discount. If you forget and the full amount is deducted from your Paypal account have no fear- I will refund you!

As for myself, I have no intention of fighting a crazy-eyed woman for the last train set, nor do I feel like getting run off of the road by a dehydrated and starved person who has been out shopping longer than the sun has been up in the sky. Instead I will stay at home in my comfy clothes and eat leftovers until I feel as sick to my stomach as I did last night.

1 comment: said...

You know, I'm usually one of the brave people that goes out in that crazy mess...this year I decided not to, and joined in with those who lounge about in comfy clothing, eat lots of leftovers, and watch movies all day...however, some of those leftovers included thinking I was putting gravy on my turkey and stuffing when it was actually pure turkey fat...boy was I sick...