Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are you going to eat that?

Boys are SO SCARY! People who don't believe that boys are born boys and girls are born girls probably do not have small children. The other day my son was ripping small pieces off of his peanut butter sandwich, not to eat them, but to stick them up his nose. Oh, yes. As charming as that is, another new trick is to stick his little index finger into the corners of the window sill that cannot be completely cleaned no matter how hard I try, and suck the dirt off of his finger with a quick *pop* as he pulls it out of his mouth. Just in case any of you are wondering- this makes me insane! Perhaps I need to develop a new love for art in order to appreciate the milk-murals that he likes to create on his placemat, or the couch, or wherever there is a surface on which to shake milk out of his cup and smear it into swirls and spirals. Yummy. Which reminds me: anything found on the floor is free gain for food, no matter if it should be ingested or not. At least he hasn't tried to eat any of the bugs that he has maimed while out in the back yard. All that aside, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my boy. Who else can sing "Old MacDonald had a Farm" at the top of their lungs the way he does; he knows his alphabet, shapes, and colors; he refers to anything cross-shaped, including the letter "t," as "Jesus"; and he really honestly and truly loves his mommy. He's so great. I just hope that I can hold onto my sanity long enough to enjoy every minute of being mommy to such an amazing little boy.

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